The Incredible Health Benefits of Tai Chi Ball

downloadIn a clinical research study, practitioners of tai chi in their sixties, that suffered from knee osteoarthritis carried out weighted ball or traditional exercise forms for an hour two times a week for 12 weeks, while a similar group did an identical quantity of distinctive stretching exercises over the same period. The people in the research study who performed tai chi exercises, experienced; a reduction in pain,less depression and enhancements in physical function and overall health.

This and similar studies are an significant book mark on arthritis studies as the participants who took part in the study had knee osteoarthritis an average of ten years.

What this means is that chronic arthritis or advanced arthritis with cartilage that has been worn down, can find relief, and repair some damage. Arthritis and other cartilage related diseases can be eased by magnetic therapy. Millions of people who suffer with arthritis get relief from wearing these products and while it cannot be proven that they make any difference to the arthritis … people report pain relief and improved mobility while wearing the jewellery. So it’s always worth a try!


The Basics Behind Health Coaching Certification Programs

People who are already licensed health care providers can train to be health coaches, but this isn’t a certification in health coaching. The types of professionals who seek our training include; physicians, nurses, health care administrators, physical therapists, massage therapists, pastoral care associates, psychotherapists, and social workers. This training can take anywhere from several weeks to a more comprehensive 12 month program and it also includes many classes that are necessary for certification.

The certification program may include specific training modules that must be completed, in order to gain certification for health coaching. After taking all the required courses, there is an application for a certificate that must be submitted within the following year’s time. Besides turning in proof of course completion and the application, there are a few other steps that need to be taken before certification can be achieved.

One online program requires that a person seeking certification must show proof that he/she has been employed as a health coach for 6 months or been paid for at least 60 hours of health coaching. An application fee of 250 dollars needs to be submitted, as well as the following; current resume, 3 references from professionals, sample contract for a client, written description of some sort of scope of professional service, and promotional materials.Its about people deciding that the personal cost for not making some changes has become too high.

images (10)Positive nurturing relationships are vital to a healthy life. How well we get along with others including our own family often will determine our level of emotional and mental health. Lots of people are challenged in this area because they have not learned the social skills it takes. Ongoing conflict with people at work or at home can and not knowing “how to fix it” can really compromise your quality of life. The solutions to these kind of difficulties are easier than you might think. There a few “learnable” skills that can make a huge difference in your relationships. Ask yourself what it would mean to you to have much more positive and enjoyable communication and relationships with someone at work, your family, your spouse or your kids. Health coaching can make the difference.

One of the most challenging (and discouraging ) behavioral changes that people try to make is losing weight and keeping it off. We are all aware of the health risks associated with being overweight. Many people have been on the weight loss and gain it back yo yo ride for years. What can make the difference and break this vicious cycle is a trained professional to guide you how to take it off and keep it off. This can be done with a few key lifestyle changes which are easier than you might think especially with the support of a health coach. What would it mean to you to lose 20-40 pounds and never gain it back. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight. What does that feel like? What does it look like? See yourself there now. Feels great doesn’t it?

The wellness coach has to leave his personal opinions out of the coaching session. The coach needs to be completely non-judgmental. The wellness coach absolutely should not judge his/her client based on his personal standards or opinions. Much of a coach’s training will be on how to be aware of this and to have the self control to NOT allow his personal opinions to be communicated.

A lasting benefit of health coaching is how you feel about yourself when you succeed at making important changes in your health. This is because of the positive feelings and feedback you get from family and friends ( and when you look in the mirror ). You’ve lost weight and people notice and comment. You’re not as stressed out and it feels good. You have more energy and you are more active. You’re sleeping better and you look more rested. Your relationship with your spouse and kids has improved. People around you will often mirror your mood and energy. You’re more fun to be around, not as irritable, short tempered or demanding. Your doctor notices and commends you for your efforts. You just feel good about yourself and you’re not going back to the way it was. Never!!


5 Tips for Tai Chi Players to Maximize Their Health

Tai Chi is the application of energy and also balancing that power within the body as well as its surroundings. The concept of how the body responds to outside stimuli (environment, weather, strain) is what eventually establishes whether or not the body and thoughts could maintain or deteriorate. This internal martial art concentrates on taking advantage of the body’s energy, building it up or reinforcing it, and then practicing the capacity to move this energy around the body, pointing it to a make-believe attacker or opponent.

In order to begin to understand the art of Tai Chi, one have first to learn the basic notion of a rooting posture. With feet apart and also aiming ahead, the specialist should find out ways to sink into the feet, placing all the weight of the body into the feet as well as picturing that the feet have extensions that go into the solid ground an extra few feet, offering the body the sensation it is secure to the earth. This rooting supplies the base from which the body uses the energy to disperse this power to additional regions of the body with a solid core of sturdiness, as well as, power.

Master Chen (no relation to the family of Chen Style taijiquan), was a tutor to the children of the famous tai chi grandmaster, Yang Cheng-Fu. Chen was also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. From his extensive background, he shared five essential tips that help tai chi practitioners protect and increase their life force energy (called “qi” in Chinese).


1. Avoid eating at least 30 minutes before and after practice. The same advice is given for anyone who is a light smoker or had ingested beverages containing alcohol. This will allow your blood circulation and qi circulation to function at its optimum.

2. After practice, avoid eating cold food, fruit, or downing cold beverages. Avoid cold drafts and showers, and avoid thinking too much. Let the body and mind relax an hour or so. This will avoid what Chinese doctors call “cold damage” or “wind excess” to your body and qi energy.

3. To avoid spikes in your blood pressure, slowly walk around immediately after practice until your pulse returns to normal. Even if you feel tired, do not immediately sit or lie down. This is especially important for people with hypertension.

4. When engaging in a regular practice of tai chi, your body may generate and use up more energy while internal changes are occurring. You must make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep to protect your qi. However, sleeping in late on a regular basis is considered to be worse, as this damages the willpower. Master Chen, Yang-Ling warned us that, “late sleepers give up easily because of a corrupted spirit.” Traditional Chinese Medicine encourages us to protect our health by following the diurnal circadian rhythms, which is the natural state of healthy human qi function.

5. Do not practice if you are exhausted. However, Chen suggests that you can “mentally” practice while lying down. If seriously “burned out” the best thing to do to protect your qi is to do some simple qigong or breathing exercises and get the rest and nutrition that your body needs.

The following essential practice that needs to occur is the idea that power from within the body begins and also finishes with the Dan Tien. This part of the body is below the navel and also is the central of the body’s power reserve. Engaging in relocating the stomach muscles in circles, with repetitions in each direction, constructs this built in energy storage as well as establishes the physician to be able to relocate this power from the Dan Tien to some other parts of the body. Discovering how to breathe: imagining that inhalation relocates the energy from the Dan Tien up back to the top of the head and also with exhalation the power moves down the top of the head down the torso to the Dan Tien. With the stability of the ground and the power of the internal organs, the body is presently able to relocate energy around to where it wants.